Video Marketing

The Impact of Video Marketing in the Manufacturing Sector

Scrolling through videos is now a new way to explore everything. Not a single person out there is left from being addicted to watching videos. It is because our mind can immediately process something visually appealing than anything else. So no wonder why people turn more to videos for entertainment or for their own knowledge.

Videos are one form of social media that has become the mainstream. Each and every industry now wants to level up their marketing by making videos and the reason is simple: video attracts the audience.

Videos are the type of content that engages the audience and surely the most popular. We find video contents everywhere - from youtube to facebook, linkedin, instagram; all the social media platforms are filled with videos.

People’s Appeal to Watch Videos

We know how much people enjoy watching videos, but what are the reasons behind it?

We found out the following things:

  1. Videos are entertaining
  2. One can learn a lot by watching videos
  3. Videos are easier to access and create
  4. Companies create videos to entice the people to make them buy or use their services

Video Marketing: One of the Most Effective Digital Marketing Methods

Many businesses, out of all the digital marketing methods available, choose to go for video marketing. As video marketing serves the highest customer conversion rates, the marketers are more turned on to it.

The number of businesses promoting their products through video marketing is increasing day by day. The capability of video marketing to promote the service or product is making the most of marketers go after it.

Talking about all the industries, even the manufacturing industry, in the earlier time has started trying their luck in video marketing to promote their products and build relationships with customers.

If you’ve been thinking of starting video marketing for your business, but weren't really sure on how you could start and how it would benefit your products, then let us make it sure for you!

Before we start, you owe us a big thanks as it is going to be the most effective marketing strategy for your business this year!

Now, let us clear the concept of video marketing in your mind first by starting with;

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing can be described as the use of video content to deliver the information about your brand, product, or service to the customer to promote in a way that the audience finds it helpful and interesting to watch.

Any business can use a video across the digital channels, their own websites, social media platforms, or as an advertising tool.

How is it important?

The marketers use video marketing as a digital engagement strategy that results in a better relationship with the customers. Videos have always been a proven tool of an engagement to capture the attention of the audience.

Videos deliver a message that could result in emotional responses and can inspire the audience to take the desired action.

One of the main reasons that video marketing is important can be its popularity among all kinds of audiences.

Two-thirds consumers say they would rather watch a video to learn about a product or brand than read about it.

Video Marketing for Your Manufacturing Business

Smartphones and easily accessible technologies have made watching content easier than before. People continuously want to see video contents based on their interests.

And if we can provide our customer the same thing, then why not?

There is no question if you need to include video marketing in your business marketing strategies. It already has become a necessity in today’s internet-driven world.

To promote your niche manufacturing product or service, there are several ways to try but video marketing is the highly effective one.

Video marketing allows you to showcase your brand and how your products can offer solutions to the viewer’s problems.

After reading these few points, you’ll agree with us too!

  • 94% of marketers have agreed on how video marketing helps to increase the viewer’s understanding on their products and services.
  • With millennials and Gen-s stepping into decision- making shoes, they believe online content and video marketing are becoming more tech-savvy and visual.
  • Videos are the second-most popular content on social media for increasing an engagement.

Videos for Manufacturing Companies

As a manufacturing company, your main focus while creating videos will be on how you can educate your buyers about your products or services, new innovations, expansions, and other unique features in the best way.

Imagine you have product videos, factory walkthrough videos, or others on your website instead of a boring pdf or a presentation, you will be able to show the high end machines in action, their actual features, experts operating the machines, supreme quality raw materials being used, long assembly lines, aerial views of the large expanse and much more.

This will automatically bring the audiences to your website and the buyers will be more likely to be attracted by all these videos.

Studies show that 72% of B2B companies say that videos have helped them to convert a viewer into a buyer.

Being a manufacturing company, you should create the following type of videos to attract the audience.

    1. Company Overview Videos

      Craft a video that conveys a manufacturing company’s brand story, values, and mission. In a company overview video, you can provide an introduction, company’s vision, history, and values; it is an effective way to showcase your company’s culture.


    2. Exhibition Videos

      Use videos to promote your products or services at trade shows or events. Exhibition videos can showcase your new products or services and can give a virtual tour of your company’s facility.

    3. Testimonial Videos

      Testimonial videos from satisfied customers can leave a positive insight to the viewers. It is a powerful tool to build trust and credibility. This may help in increasing brand awareness and generate more leads.

    4. Process Videos

      These videos are essential for manufacturing companies to provide a visual representation of their product’s procedures. You can include the entire journey, starting from raw material assembling to warehouse dispatching.

      Examples of process videos:

      • Assembling process videos
      • Packaging process videos
      • Quality control process videos
      • Inventory management process videos
    5. Product Videos

      To showcase the features and benefits of a product or service, product videos are effective. In this type of videos, you can show how the product works and what problems it solves - which help potential customers to understand the value of the product and its offerings.

      Customers are more likely to purchase products from a company that provides product-related videos.

    6. FAQ Videos

      This is an excellent way to communicate with the potential customers and provide them information. A company could create a video answering the common questions such as type of materials, applications, specifications, its benefits, etc.

      Few FAQs:

      • Maintenance and service requirement
      • Troubleshooting and technical support
      • Customization options
      • Product integration and capability
      • Production capacity
    7. Safety and Training Videos

      How a manufacturing company trains their employees on how to use equipment, follow safety protocols, and perform specific tasks - these all can be included in the type of videos. This video provides comprehensive instructions, reduces workplace accidents, and improves productivity.


      • Equipment operation
      • Task demonstration videos
      • Emergency procedures
      • Product training

    B2B videos are powerful tools for manufacturing companies to enhance their sales effort, increase brand awareness, and generate leads.

    Benefits of Video Marketing in Manufacturing Sector

    1. Builds Trust upon Customers
    2. Boosts Conversion Rated and Leads
    3. Products Stand Out More Than Ever
    4. Helps to Rank on Google
    5. Expand the Network
    6. Increases Engagement

    Create a Video Marketing Campaign

    A few universal tips on starting a video marketing campaign.

    1. Identify Objectives
    2. Know the Audience
    3. Use High-quality Audio and Visuals
    4. Create the First- few Seconds More Attentive
    5. Add Subtitles to Make Sound Optional
    6. Add the CTA (so, the viewers will know what to do next)

    Optimize Your Video Content

    Still doubting the effectiveness of video marketing?

    Know these 15 power pulling video marketing facts!

    • 49% faster revenue growth.  
    • 80%better conversion rates.
    • 88% influenced to buy.
    • 87% report improved ROI.
    • 2 minutes of video is all it takes to generate a lead.
    • 95% message retention.
    • 72% prefer video.
    • 88% more browsing time.
    • 6% more email success.
    • 75% more viewed on mobile devices.
    • 92% viewed on mute.
    • 75% watch horizontally.
    • 2 times more shares.
    • 90% won’t buy it if it's not in their language.
    • 75% won’t read if it’s not in their language.

    We hope we cleared the statistics of video marketing for you now.

Here’s Pro-tip for You:

Make clips of a bunch of different departments -- like assembly, shipping/receiving, and painting to show the scope and scale of your operation. Record as much of your process, from start to finish, as you can without giving away your trade secrets and methods.

Does your new machine give you a competitive advantage? Put it in your video.

Believe us, this helps a lot of manufacturers like you!

High-time for You!

With almost 9 out of 10 customers wanting to see online video content, there’s clear demand for medium, and savvy businesses are already reaping the rewards of video marketing, then why don’t you reward your product? Start working now on the video marketing strategies for your business and count the Wolfable team in to help you achieve desired results.