Digital Marketing

7 Years and Counting: A Look Back and Ahead

I’d begin this message with a famous quote from Aristotle: “Excellence is never an accident.” As we celebrate our company’s seventh anniversary, these words hold special meaning for all of us.

From the beginning, I’ve believed in a simple formula: do good work, and everything else will follow. The seven-year journey shows that this ethos we believe in holds true. Like every startup, it hasn’t been an easy journey, nor excessively difficult. However, the trust of our valuable team members in what we strive for, and, most importantly, the trust of our respective clients, has been pivotal in our achievements.

Back in 2016, when I began Wolfable with a small, passionate team, we had a clear vision and a burning desire to grow. Little did we know what the future held. Now, after 7 years of relentless effort, we’ve not only gained valuable experience and sharpened our skills, but we’ve also forged numerous collaborations. Despite our growth, our ambition remains just as strong as it was at the start.

In the continuously evolving marketing world, we’ve seen big changes in how people act as consumers, and how businesses communicate has adjusted to meet platform requirements. In this time of change, thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, digital marketing will likely get even more personal. But we strongly believe that, even as methods and platforms shift, the basic rules of marketing will stay the same.

Now that we’re expanding to the USA, Canada, and a new office in London, we expect significant growth and changes in our strategies and how we work. However, our core values of understanding our clients, meeting their needs, and creating effective plans that we execute flawlessly will stay the same.

All in all, we take pride in our strong and enthusiastic team, as well as in the trust shown by every business and their creators. As we embark on our 8th year, we’re really excited about the exciting plans we have ahead and the big impact they’re going to make.